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Psychomotor development

The child develops ...

Fine motor skills (cutting, coloring, tracing, gluing, modeling …)

Global motor skills (running, jumping, crawling, sliding, climbing, coordination …)

Healthy lifestyle (relaxation, good postures, food, hygiene …)

Become aware of the functions of his body. –

Emotional development

The child develops ...

His tastes, interests, feelings, emotions and needs (sharing, speaking well …)

His confidence in him (by expressing his ideas, by giving himself challenges, persevering …)

Its autonomy (making choices, having responsibilities …)

Social development

The child develops ...

Its interest and openness to others

Ability to adapt to group life

His social skills (politeness, respect for people and equipment …)

Respect for the rules of life

His strategies for resolving conflicts.

Language Development

The child develops ...

His ability to communicate orally (correct words, good pronunciation, vocabulary, clear message …)

His interest in reading (stories, rhymes, songs, rhymes …)

His observation to recognize the writing in his environment (ex: traffic signs, business signs, toilets of men and women …)

His understanding of the instructions given.

Cognitive Development

The child develops ...

The arts (drama, music, dance, visual arts …)

Mathematics (numbers, association, comparison, estimation, measurement …)

Science and technology (observation, manipulation, experimentation …)

The concepts of time (today, yesterday, days of the week …), space (high, low, far …) and quantity (plain, empty, as much …)

Development of working methods

The child develops ...

His creativity in his approach to achieving a task

His perseverance in carrying out an activity

His critical attitude (appreciation, difficulties encountered, description of the approach used …)


Preschool is a crucial period for the development of the child. It is from this phase that the child develops the foundations of his personality. It acquires values ​​that will later dictate its behaviors. Values ​​: The child considers that it is somewhat the continuity of the family. That is why, through all the activities offered to children, I carry fundamental values.

Respect for yourself, others and the environment



Individual and collective care

Self-confidence and others

Honesty and openness

The sharing

A strong sense of belonging.


I aim at the awakening and the overall development of the child in a framework of life rich in human and material resources.

The child develops his abilities and personal talents while experiencing an enriching group experience. He makes friends of his age and makes his learning through a range of activities and games.


he Awakening Games workshop builds its educational activities by theme (re-entry, road safety, apples, Halloween, autumn, houses ...)

The activities are then presented to children in the form of talks, tales and nursery rhymes, stories, games, puppet theater, DIY and painting, physical education ...

In addition, taking into account the experiences of the children, I will adapt the content of the activities so as to enable your child to consolidate his / her achievements, to exercise and develop specific skills and to acquire new knowledge.

Here are various types of activities that will be offered to children throughout the school year

  • Physical Education Activities :

Skill games, balance, coordination. These games can be done both inside and outside.

  • Fine motor activities :

This allows the child to gain better motor control, precision in gestures, and manual dexterity. These skills will facilitate the learning of writing techniques.

  • Relaxing Activities :

Where the child will learn the necessity and well-being related to this type of activity.

  • Artistic expression activities :

Such as painting, design, dance, music, in which the child will have the opportunity to exercise his creativity and to express his ideas, his emotions and his way of seeing the world.

  • Dramatic play activities :

The child will have the opportunity to play roles, to dress up, to wear makeup. These activities will help the child to exteriorize his states of mind and awaken to the various social roles.

  • Sharing activities :

They will bring the child to share at the time of the collation, work as a team, collaborate in resolving a conflict, show mutual support and camaraderie, etc.

  • Activities of construction games :

Through which the child will experience his inventor talents while using concepts of geometry (volume, weight, shape, organization of space, etc.)

  • Oral communication activities :

The child will learn to structure his thinking and to express more accurately what he thinks and feels. He will be called to communicate and defend his ideas, as well as to be attentive to the messages of others. All these skills, the child will continue to develop them when preparing for primary, within the oral French program.

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